Animate Bootcamp

Live Animation Studios and Animate BootCamp have partnered to bring leading industry professionals from the Entertainment and related sectors to coach and mentor young people through projects and exercises to prepare them for careers in a wide variety of industries. Our focus is on the art of visual storytelling through computer animation. We guide participants through animation projects and the creation of a portfolio so they are ready for successful careers.

Join the Global Animation Industry

Get the job training and career advice of this exciting, fast growing global industry. Focus and hone your talent and grow your animation skills.

Animate Bootcamp provides real-world, hands-on training, experience and exposure to the exciting world of animation. Pros from the Entertainment and related sectors mentor young people to prepare them for jobs. We help them groom and grow their portfolios so they have the means to get those jobs.

8 weeks

3 two-hour sessions per week

48 total hours with industry professionals


Why a Bootcamp? 

The skills and know-how needed for this industry are acquired through apprenticeship and on the job training. College can help, but it isn’t required. Understanding collaboration, workflows and the software are much more important. A Bootcamp is focused and hands on. Just what we need.

Why Syracuse?

We are the only animation bootcamp in Central New York. Syracuse has affordable real estate, strong Higher Education, and a job market that is ready to grow. Syracuse is experiencing an Entrepreneurial renaissance right now.

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Program Summary

Get hands-on in Syracuse’s ongoing first ever Animation BootCamp, returning in Spring, Summer, Fall 2023. In this intensive, 8-week program, mentees work in teams to create short, animated PSAs (public service announcements) for local organizations and companies. Through this project-based work, they’ll gain experience in all facets of animation creation, including technical software skills, visual storytelling, collaboration and the production pipeline. 

The program is led by industry professionals who provide guidance, coaching, and mentorship. When mentees graduate, they walk away with finished projects for their portfolios as well as in-demand skills and access to career and internship opportunities. 

The fee for the program is $1500. Scholarships are available. Applications close soon and space is limited so apply now.


  • Work in teams to create finished animations for your portfolio
  • Develop relevant, in-demand technical and creative skills
  • Learn in a mentor/mentee mode from world-renowned experts 
  • Work with industry-standard software and practices
  • Gain insight into and become part of the animation industry
Where and When

Where: The BootCamp will be virtual (Zoom and Slack). Support Locations, where participants can get access to workstations and broadband internet if they need it, are provided in Syracuse.

Key program dates:

    • Applications open: January 12th, 2023
  • Applications close: When all seats are filled
  • Notifications of acceptance are on a rolling basis and enrollment will be finalized soon.
  • BootCamp dates: TBA

BootCamp schedule:

The BootCamp meets weekdays, with each session running from 4-6 PM weekday afternoons. Teams will work together on their projects on their own schedules outside of BootCamp sessions. Support space (Computers / Internet) will be available.

What You'll Learn

Weekly Schedule

  • Week 1: Story
  • Week 2: Script
  • Week 3: Character Design
  • Week 4: Storyboarding
  • Week 5: Animatic
  • Week 6-8: Animate, Animate, Animate

            Learning Objectives

            • Career opportunities and potential in Animation and other industries
            • Exposure to teamwork and collaboration
            • Enhance your skill set and clarify goals
            • Inspire your passion and start your journey
            What to Expect

            It’s hands-on. This program is NOT a lecture series or traditional college class. Be prepared to participate in every session and engage with your instructors, peers, and community presenters. 

            It’s intense. You’ll need to commit to 6 hours a week of “in-class” time, as well as additional time the project you are assigned to requires of you.  

            It’s about more than software. The skills you’ll learn in this program are in-demand for many of the jobs of the future. This includes technical skills, visual storytelling, collaboration, and the creative process. This BootCamp focuses on all of those skills, and also provides career-specific coaching. The techniques and practices you learn and hone in the Animate BootCamp can be applied in every other industry.

            Who it's for and How to Apply

            This Animate BootCamp is a good fit if you can say “yes” to all of the following:

            • I have access to a computer  (ideally, 64 bit, Intel core 5 processor, 8GB RAM min) and internet
            • I’m over 16
            • I’m interested in learning both the technical and creative aspects of animation
            • I’m ready to collaborate and co-create with my peers
            • I’m up for the challenge of learning new technical skills and receiving constructive feedback from peers and mentors.

            Disability Statement

            The Animate BootCamp is virtual but if additional accommodations for persons with disabilities are necessary, they can be made. Physical support locations may be available and are wheelchair accessible.

            Application Process

            1. Read this document fully and contact us with any questions (
            2. When you’re ready to apply, fill out the application form 
            3. If you’re accepted, we’ll send you an invoice and you’ll pay the program deposit
            4. Upon receipt of the deposit, you’ll be officially enrolled in the BootCamp
            5. Check your email for regular updates and pre-program readings
            6. Attend the kickoff weekend in January
            Program Cost

            The program costs $1500. Scholarships are available via the 100 Black Men of Syracuse and others. Let us know your interest in a scholarship on your Animate BootCamp application, and we will send you access to the necessary link.

            A deposit will be due within one week of your acceptance in order to hold your seat. The balance is due on or before the Animate BootCamp kickoff. All fees can be paid via check, Paypal, or credit card.

            Refund Policy

            The deposit is non-refundable. 

            Meet the Syracuse Creative Team

            Team Leaders


            Dean Lyon
            Splinter Studios


            Brad Beckman
            Story Development
            Distinctive Voices

            Additional Mentors Include

            Kevin Sharpley
            Kijik Multimedia Productions


            Joann Yarrow
            Executive Director
            Live Animation Studios


            Lamar Hawkins

            Professional and Community Partners

            My Gosh
            My Gosh
            Aurum Marketing