Current Projects


Fearless Times

FEARLESS TIMES is a unique merging of animation and live action. In today’s world, we see Sarah, her family and her new schoolmates in 2-D digital animation. After they travel into the past we enter live action silhouette puppetry on exquisite painted backdrops as each story if revealed. This creates a show unlike anything currently on the air that originally merges the contemporary and nostalgic aesthetics. In each episode, Sarah and Flashback discover their new friends end up being historic figures who change the course of history through their resilience, courage and grit.

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ADA Animation

The originator of the Animate Bootcamp located in Nairobi, Kenya. The LAS creaative team continues to partner with ADA animation as teachers and mentors and is currently working on an animated feature with the studio.

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Animate Bootcamp

Animate Bootcamp

Pros from the Entertainment and related sectors coach and mentor young people through projects and exercises to prepare them for careers in a wide variety of industries. The focus is on the art of visual storytelling through computer animation. We groom, grow and guide them through the process of creating a portfolio and several completed animation projects so they are well-prepared for successful  careers.

We have multiple other projects with many partners across the globe


A historical fiction series about the life of Bartolome de Las Casas


A series about archaeologists that blends historic and contemporary Florence

New Found Land

A series about Prohibition era Nova Scotia

and more in development …